About Nine9s

Nine9s is hosted by Linode and currently runs exclusively in their London, UK Data Center. All checks are made from there. This may change in the future if Nine9s were to implement worldwide checks.

You may notice slower that normal ping times reported by Nine9s. This is because, while Nine9s is developed in California, it's running an ocean away in the good ol' U.n. of K. 🇬🇧 For more information on why Nine9s isn't running in the U.S., see the section below.

🌲 Nine9s and the Environment

💡 Nine9s emits ~0.115 mtCO2e per year (the same as driving a typical car for 285 miles).

Since Nine9s runs on virtual servers in a crowded data center, it's hard to know the exact environmental impact of running the service. That said, by Linode's most recent estimates, the energy cost of running a 4GB instance, which is what powers Nine9s today, is about 0.064 kWh/day. While this isn't much in the grand scheme of things, that would burn approximately 21.5lbs of natural gas per year (~1.4 mtCO2e). Thankfully, a few of Linode's Data Center partners have significant commitments to sustainability.

💡 This page will be updated as Nine9s grows. Please check back for the most recent stats on Nine9s' Environmental Impact.

While the Web isn't physical, the servers and infrastructure that power it definitely are. With the effects of Climate Change getting worse every year, Nine9s is committed to doing whatever it can to not worsen the crisis. Nine9s is hosted in London because of the fact that Equinix, Linode's European provider, has committed to a 100% clean and renewable energy goal and has so far reached 95%. If Nine9s needs to expand to cover more places in the world, it will expand to Linode's sustainable partners first.

This data is entirely extrapolated from the sources linked by this article, but I can't guarantee that they're 100% accurate. There's a lot of layers between burning fuel and running servers on the cloud, but I've done the best I can.