Getting Started

Welcome to Nine9s! This guide will help you get set up using Nine9s on a sample endpoint.

Reminder: You may need a premium or deluxe account to follow parts of this guide.

This guide assumes you've already created your account. If you haven't done so already, do that now.

Adding Your First Endpoint

No subscription required.

Let's start monitoring something. For this guide we'll be monitoring since it's easy to remember. Feel free to substitute your own URL anywhere you see that one.

Head over to your Dashboard and enter enter the following information and then click the button.

Adding an Endpoint

You should see that your endpoint has been successfully added. At this point, you've added the endpoint, but Nine9s is not monitoring it yet. To start monitoring the endpoint click the button.

Activating an Endpoint

That's it! You've successfully started monitoring your endpoint. Depending on your account level your endpoint will be checked at different intervals. Just check back in a bit and you should see the data flowing in.

Configuring Your Endpoint

No subscription required.

You can quickly and easily configure how Nine9s checks your endpoint. On your account dashboard, simply select Additional Options and you should see a new set of options to configure your endpoint.

By default, Nine9s considers an endpoint Degraded if it takes over 1.5 seconds to return a response and Down if it doesn't respond in at least 15 seconds. You can easily configure the Degradation Threshold by setting a new value in the Additional Options section for each endpoint and saving your changes.

Reminder: The outage threshold of 15 seconds is not configurable.

You can also change the request type that Nine9s will use to check your endpoint. It is recommended to use the HEAD HTTP method instead of a full GET if your service supports it. HEAD requests typically use less bandwidth and fewer resources to serve. Since we're pinging this endpoint a lot, any savings will be helpful to both your service and to Nine9s.

Configuring an Endpoint

If your service doesn't support HEAD requests, you can always let Nine9s know to use the GET method for any endpoint.

Setting Up Alerts

Premium or Deluxe subscription required.

Now that you've got something to monitor, let's make sure you can be alerted when something happens. From your account profile enter the email address, and optionally a phone number to contact when one of your endpoints' status changes.

Adding a Contact

Once you've done that, click the button and you're good to go! Nine9s will alert you when things go awry. Here's hoping you never hear from us.